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Cute Free Printable Easter Gift Tags to Download

Just like we spread love on Valentine’s Day with our sweet downloadable cards, we’re hopping back in with a fresh set of Cute Free Printable Easter Gift Tags to Download!

Perfect for personal use, these tags add a festive touch to any Easter basket, goodie bag, or gift bag. With our download link, you’re in the right place! With everything from adorable bunny ears and happy Easter gift tags to vibrant, colorful Easter tags that bring your Easter morning to life.

There’s something truly special about spreading love during the holidays, and it’s a tradition I hold dear. From baking sweet treats to share with our neighbors to assembling thoughtful goody bags for the kids’ teachers. These small acts of kindness bring so much joy.

This Easter, I’ve crafted a collection of adorable gift tags to add the perfect finishing touch to these heartfelt gestures. Designed to accompany everything from homemade goodies to thoughtful gifts. These tags are a simple way to show you care and add a personal touch to your holiday giving!

photo of varies easter labels

Fun Designs For Every Style

Featuring four different designs. Sleek bunny ears in black and white, a row of colorful peeps, a sweet pastel bunny, and a charming floral print! These tags cater to every taste. Printed on sticker paper or white card stock for the best results, these cute printable Easter tags transform simple gifts into memorable treasures.

Perfect for decorating easter bags. Or topping off your favorite Easter treat with a hoppy Easter tag, our free download is your go-to resource for easy Easter gifts. Bright colors, fun designs, and sweet Easter puns make these tags a great option for adding a personal touch. Fill a clear gift bag with Easter candy or small gifts and use these printable tags as a finishing touch! Grab your free printable Easter favor tag, and get ready for a tree free Easter Morning!

Versatile Uses for Cute Free Printable Easter Gift Tags for Everyone

The beauty of these tags is their versatility. They’re not just for kids’ baskets; they can add charm to any Easter gift. Packing up baked goods like carrot cake muffins for the neighbors? A cute Easter tag attached to the package makes it extra special. Looking for a simple yet thoughtful teacher gift? Pair a handmade item or a thoughtful store-bought gift with one of our tags for a personal touch.

Creative Ideas for Easter Tags

  • Easter Basket Tags: Use our tags to label each child’s Easter basket. It’s a great way to personalize baskets and make each child feel special.
  • Baked Goods and Sweet Treats: Attaching a tag to homemade or store-bought treats adds a thoughtful touch that friends, family, and teachers will appreciate.
  • Party Favors and Goodie Bags: Fill bags with Easter-themed items or sweets and seal them with a tag for a festive favor that guests can take home.
  • Teacher and Neighbor Gifts: Attach a tag to a small plant, a book, or a homemade treat as a simple gesture of appreciation.

Crafting Your Tags

To craft your Easter tags, you’ll need a few simple supplies! the printed tags, a hole punch, and ribbon or twine. Once you’ve printed your tags on cardstock, use the hole punch to make a hole at the top of each tag. Then, thread a ribbon or twine through the hole and attach it to your gift or basket. For an extra special touch, consider using colorful Easter-themed ribbon or rustic twine, depending on the style of your celebration.

easter label with pink bunny that says some bunny loves you

Cute Ways to Use These Cute Free Printable Easter Gift Tags

Easter tags bring a personal and festive touch to any celebration. Here are some adorable ways to incorporate them:

  • Easter Baskets: Attaching a colorful Easter tag to each basket personalizes it, especially when you write a heartfelt message or the recipient’s name on it. It’s a great way to distinguish baskets for kids of all ages, ensuring each child feels special.
  • Sweet Treats & Goodie Bags: Whether you’re packing up jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, or homemade carrot cake muffins, adding a cute Easter gift tag elevates the presentation and makes each treat feel like a thoughtfully curated gift.
  • Teacher and Family Members Gifts: Use an Easter tag to add a personal touch to gifts for teachers or family members. This small gesture can turn simple gifts, like a book or a batch of sweet bunny tags, into memorable treasures.
  • Party Favors: If you’re hosting an Easter party, attaching a bright, fun Easter tag to party favors or treat bags is the perfect finishing touch. Each guest will leave with a little gift that’s both personal and festive.
  • Decor for Easter Celebrations: Easter printable tags can double as decor. String them up as a garland, or use them as placeholders at your Easter dining table. They add a splash of color and a personal touch to your holiday decor.
Easter cookies on sheet pan with bunnies, chicks, and carrots

Printing Easter Tags Without a Printer

No printer? No problem! There are a few creative solutions to ensure you can still enjoy these adorable tags:

Local Copy Center : Visit your local copy center they often have printing services available at a very low cost. You can save your PDF file on a flash drive or email it to them for printing.

Family or Friends: Ask family members or friends if you could use their printer. It’s a quick favor that often won’t be minded, especially if you share some of your Easter treats as a thank-you!

Public Library: Many public libraries offer printing services. This could be a convenient option if you’re making a library trip for your favorite Easter books or activities.

As we recommend products that can make your Easter crafts easier, we want to be transparent that some links in our posts may be affiliate links. This means we could earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to make a purchase.

Good Easter Treat Bag Fillers

Filling Easter treat bags can be as much fun as hunting for Easter eggs. Here are some great ideas to delight recipients:

Sweet Treats: Traditional goodies like jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and marshmallow treats are always a hit. For a healthier twist, consider adding small bags of trail mix or dried fruit. Or if like us you enjoy baking whip up our carrot cake muffins or coffee cake to share with your peeps!

Fun Easter-Themed Toys: Small toys like cars or figurines, spring-themed temporary tattoos, and Easter egg-shaped sidewalk chalk can offer hours of fun beyond the candy. The Dollar Store has great budget friendly options!

DIY Crafts: Include Easter-themed craft supplies or kits. Such as a DIY Easter egg decorating kit or simple spring-themed craft projects. They’re a fun way to engage little ones in creative activities.

Educational Items: Small books about Easter or spring, mini puzzles, or coloring book packs with included stickers and crayons make for a thoughtful treat bag filler parents will appreciate.

Incorporating these ideas and using your free printable Easter tags can turn simple gestures into memorable moments this Easter season. From personalized baskets, delightful treat bags, or festive party favors, these tags are your ticket to a stress free and joy-filled Easter! For more filler ideas check out our post about easter basket ideas for toddlers!

Download Your Cute Free Printable Easter Gift Tags to Download

Ready to add that perfect finishing touch to your Easter gifts? Download your free printable Easter tags. With a variety of designs these tags are sure to make your Easter gifts stand out. Whether you’re preparing baskets for the kids, gifting sweet treats to neighbors, or adding a personal touch to party favors. These tags are the perfect way to convey your Easter wishes. Just add a personal message and attach with an easter themed ribbon!

Incorporating these free printable Easter tags into your holiday preparations is a fun way to add a personal touch to your celebrations. So, hop to it! Download your tags, get creative, and watch as your Easter gifts transform into beautifully personalized expressions of springtime joy.

Cute Free Printable Easter Gift Tags to Download link

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