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Is Thrive Market Grocery Store Worth it? Our honest review!

We recently made the big move to our dream home. Now, we’re enjoying mornings watching deer roam and afternoons where our kids play by the creek out back – it’s idyllic. But with this dream lot came a trade-off. Access to our favorite grocery stores, like Whole Foods, are now almost an hour’s drive away.

It’s a significant change from the convenience we once knew. That’s where Thrive Market has become our new best friend. It’s our solution to accessing high-quality, healthy foods without the expense of a long drive. Bringing the best of the grocery world right to our doorstep!

Thrive Market: easiest way to shop helathy

Is a Thrive Market membership truly worth the annual fee? Let’s delve into this honest review.

What is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market, an online marketplace, merges the convenience of grocery shopping from home with a focus on healthy living. Imagine Whole Foods meets Costco, but online! With each first order, members unlock access to a wide variety of organic products! We are talking sustainable groceries, and natural food at prices lower than your local grocery store.

Plus if you click through Humble Oven you get 40% off your first order!

What’s more, the Thrive Market membership opens doors to exclusive savings, free shipping, and even a free gift. (We got three Hu Chocolate bars free with our last order!) Whether it’s fresh produce, favorite brands, or beauty products, Thrive Market tailors to your healthy lifestyle at a cheaper price.

Catering to all, from the first responder to the low-income family, the Thrive Gives program provides free membership opportunities.

Thrive Market Trial Month

And for the skeptical, there’s a free 30 day trial to test if it’s a good fit. Plus 40% off your first order! With Thrive cash, store credit for next orders, and full-size gifts, the membership program at Thrive Market isn’t just about filling your grocery list. It’s about investing in a sustainable, healthy future! So, is Thrive Market worth the annual subscription?

The short answer: for organic pantry staples, fresh fruits, and more, at up to 60% off retail prices plus excellent customer service, it might just be your new favorite place for healthy groceries.

How to Join Thrive Market

Its super easy! Simply-

Sign up: today for 40% off your first order!

Start Shopping: Dive into our expertly curated catalog of over 5,000 healthy groceries. It’s a world of wholesome choices right at your fingertips.

Save More on Your Bill: Not only do you get access to their vast selection, but you can also save an extra 5-10% off thousands of products. Just set up Autoship deliveries for recurring savings on your regular buys! Plus right now its 40% off your first order if you use our link!

Convenience at Its Best: Say goodbye to the hassle of lines and long commutes to and from the store. With the flexibility to skip, pause, edit, or even opt for one-time orders, shopping for your essentials has never been easier or more convenient.

Auto Ship

Thrive Market’s Auto Ship feature offers a seamless way to manage your pantry staples. You can have your go-to items automatically delivered at intervals that perfectly suit your family’s needs. Ensuring you never run low on your essentials. The flexibility of this service is a real game-changer!

If your needs change or you prefer a more hands-on approach to ordering, you can easily turn off the Auto Ship feature. Then simply order items as needed. Plus, the added bonus of free carbon-neutral shipping makes this a convenient choice, and also an environmentally conscious one.

It’s all about giving you control and convenience, ensuring your shopping experience is tailored just the way you like it.

The Selection at Thrive Market

The ever-evolving selection at Thrive Market keeps the shopping experience fresh and exciting. Especially with their practice of including new products as a free gift with purchases.

It’s like a little surprise with each order, and it’s given us the chance to try so many delightful items we might not have picked out ourselves .And for free!

From the energy-boosting Chomp bars to the decadently rich Hu chocolates, these complimentary gifts have introduced us to a variety of fantastic products. It feels like a treat to receive these bonuses. Making each shopping experience not just about restocking our favorites but also about discovering new must-haves.

Hight quality staples at a great price.

High-quality staples at a great price? That’s exactly what I love about online shopping for pantry essentials.

It’s fantastic being able to stock up on allergen-friendly options without breaking the bank. And the best part? I can do it all from the comfort of my home.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about sipping a homemade shaken espresso on my deck, browsing through a wide range of products at my leisure, rather than navigating the hustle and bustle of crowded stores like Costco.

It’s not just about convenience; it’s about enjoying a peaceful shopping experience, knowing I’m getting the best deals on top-quality, allergy-friendly staples.

The Addition of Cold Items

The convenience of Thrive Market extends beyond pantry staples to include a wide range of frozen foods, meats, fish, dairy, and deli items. It’s perfect for when you want to stock up on specialty cold items like high-quality tuna for our favorite poke bowls.

While there is an additional cost for cold shipping, planning a big order of all your cold item essentials at once can be both cost-effective and convenient. This way, you get all your favorites delivered in one go, right to your doorstep.

I like filling our freezer so I have lots of basics like frozen fruit for smoothies and meat for easy weeknight dinners!

How Does Thrive Market Ship Frozen Items?

Thrive Market takes special care to ensure that your frozen items reach you in the best condition. To manage this, frozen orders are shipped separately from pantry and wine orders.

They typically dispatch frozen orders from Monday through Wednesday. This scheduling is intentional to avoid any weekend delays, ensuring your items don’t spend unnecessary time in transit!

Once shipped, your frozen items are delivered via a 2-day delivery service. To maintain the necessary cold temperature, each order is carefully packed with sufficient dry ice, designed to keep the items frozen for several days.

Thrive Market is also committed to sustainability, which is why your frozen items are delivered in FSC-certified 100% recycled content boxes. The packaging is not only curbside recyclable but also includes plastic-wrapped fiber insulation to maintain the cold during shipping.

This careful approach ensures that your frozen products arrive just as fresh and delicious as when they left our warehouse!

Is Thrive Market Cheaper then Whole Foods?

Yes, one of the standout benefits of a Thrive Market membership is the significant savings it offers compared to traditional retail outlets like Whole Foods. Members often find that they can save around 40-50% off the retail prices on a wide range of products.

This level of discount is particularly noticeable with organic and natural products, which typically come at a premium in conventional stores.

Thrive Market’s extensive selection, encompassing everything from pantry staples to personal care items, combined with exclusive discounts, makes it an attractive option for those looking to shop for high-quality products. All while staying mindful of your budget. Especially when you use our link for 40% off your first order!

Is Thrive Market associated with Amazon?

Thrive Market is not owned by or associated with Amazon. While Amazon owns Whole Foods and offers online grocery shopping through Whole Foods and Amazon Prime, Thrive Market operates independently.

They are a distinct entity, focusing on providing a curated selection of healthy and sustainable products through their own membership-based platform. This distinction allows Thrive Market to carve out its own niche in the online grocery space, separate from the offerings of Amazon and Whole Foods.

Thrive Market for Pets

Don’t overlook the pet section at Thrive Market! As a pet parent, I’ve found some fantastic food toppers and treats for our beloved Cavapoo, Ellie. Each time we explore this section, it’s exciting to discover new products to add to her diet.

What really stands out is the quality of the ingredients in these products – it’s evident that they’re crafted with care and attention to detail.

We’re very intentional about what we feed Ellie, always seeking the best for her health and happiness. It’s reassuring to know that anything we pick from Thrive Market’s pet section aligns with our high standards, ensuring Ellie gets only the best, just like the rest of our family.

How Long is Thrive Market Shipping?

Most pantry orders will arrive within 2-4 days after placing your order. Frozen orders take about 2-3 business days to arrive at your door once they have been shipped from our warehouse. We typically only ship frozen orders Monday through Wednesday to ensure your package does not experience delays over the weekend.

Does Thrive Market Ship Everywhere?

They currently offer shipping to all contiguous United States street addresses via ground shipping methods only. They are not able to ship to P.O. Boxes and APO/FPO/DPO addresses at this time.

How Much is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market offers an affordable membership pricing structure, with two convenient options to suit different needs. You can opt for a year-long membership at $59.95, which breaks down to less than $5 a month.

Or choose a monthly membership at $12 per month if you prefer a shorter commitment. What’s more, they currently have a fantastic deal where you can get 40% off your first order, making it an even better value.

Plus, they offer peace of mind with their 30-day refund policy. If you find that Thrive Market isn’t the right fit for you within the first month, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.

It’s a risk-free way to explore their wide range of products and see if the membership aligns with your shopping habits and preferences.

Can you shop Thrive Market without a Membership?

No, a membership is necessary. This model is central to their approach, enabling them to offer a range of specialty groceries often at lower prices compared to non-membership stores.

The membership fee is designed to quickly offset itself through the savings you accrue from their discounted prices.

Moreover, Thrive Market stands behind this with a unique promise. If your annual savings don’t at least equal the cost of your yearly membership fee, they will credit the difference to your account in store credit. This guarantee underscores their commitment to providing value and savings to their members!

I make our early fee back in the first 1-2 orders of the year!

What is Thrive Cash?

It’s like Kohls cash for groceries! It is a form of promotional credit that you can earn and accumulate in your account. When you’re ready to check out with your next order, your Thrive Cash is automatically applied, reducing the total cost of your purchase.

It’s a straightforward and user-friendly system – the credit seamlessly integrates into your shopping process, ensuring you can easily redeem it towards a wide range of merchandise available on their site.

Gifting a Thrive Market Membership

gifting a Thrive Market membership is a thoughtful and practical idea, especially for someone who values healthy and sustainable living.

In addition to paying for the membership, you can also add some grocery funds to their account. This thoughtful gesture not only gives them access to a wide range of wholesome products but also provides them with the means to begin their shopping experience right away.

It’s a unique and appreciated gift that keeps on giving especially with grocery prices on the rise!

So, wrapping up our honest Thrive Market review: if you’re after wholesome products at wholesale prices, it’s a great fit. Sure, the annual membership fee or monthly membership cost is there. But when you weigh it against the savings on organic food, healthy food, and natural products, it works out as a good deal!

With Thrive Market, you’re not just getting lower prices on your favorite items; you’re joining a membership-based grocery delivery service committed to sustainable and fair trade practices. Think Costco membership perks, but for real food and clean ingredients, all with the convenience of an online store.

And hey, if it doesn’t feel right, they offer a full refund. As a member of Thrive Market, you get access to a wide variety of products, from household items to personal care products, often at the lowest prices – even compared to giants like Amazon Prime. Plus, the Thrive Market app makes ordering your monthly groceries a breeze.

For those who find it a hard time navigating the world of healthy groceries at fair prices, Thrive Market might just be the best deal out there, especially right now when you can use our link to get 40% off your first order and cancel for a full refund any time in the first 30 days!

Give it a try for your next order, and who knows, it might become your new go-to for healthy living!

How to keep your grocery bill down

Ordering groceries online can be a game-changer for staying on budget. One of the biggest advantages is the transparency of your total cost throughout the shopping process.

Unlike in-store shopping, where you might mentally tally up items and still end up surprised at the checkout, online shopping allows you to see your total add up in real time. This immediate feedback makes it easier to adjust your cart to fit your budget. If you notice the total creeping up, you can review your cart and remove any non-essential items or impulse buys.

This level of control and visibility over your spending is a major benefit, helping you stick to your budget without the stress of calculating costs on the fly. Online grocery shopping simplifies the budgeting process, making it a straightforward and stress-free experience.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of saving on your grocery bills but aren’t quite ready to commit to a membership, no worries! You can start by signing up for our free PDF. This handy guide is packed with tips and tricks for cutting costs on your grocery shopping.

Offering practical advice and smart strategies that you can implement right away. As well as printable shopping lists to help organize your shopping trips no matter which store you use!

It’s a great first step towards more budget-friendly shopping habits, and who knows, it might just give you the insights you need to make an informed decision about future memberships! So, go ahead and sign up for your gateway to significant savings at the grocery store!