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Our Favorite Class Valentines That Aren’t Candy

Valentine’s Day in the classroom is always a hit, but when food allergies like our son’s nut allergy are a concern, finding the perfect Valentine’s for the classroom can be tricky. That’s why we’re all about non-candy class valentines!

From glow sticks to friendship bracelets, there are endless adorable and affordable kits that make class valentines both safe and super fun.

Our kids get a kick out of picking their favorites and helping put them together, adding that personal touch with ribbons or basket filler.

Plus, these non-food valentines are a great choice for including all classmates, ensuring everyone feels loved on this day of friendship and fun.

Whether it’s sports-themed valentines for the little athletes or crafty crayon hearts for the budding artists, these unique valentines are a surefire way to spread joy without the worry of allergies. And yes, we might throw in some free printable cards to tie it all together – because who doesn’t love a good craft session with the family?

Dive into our world of clever, creative, and allergy-friendly valentines that are just a click away, thanks to some handy affiliate links. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day an easy win!

Perfect for Preschool

24 Pack Valentines Cards with Watercolor Paint 

Package includes 24 Valentine’s exchange cards, teeny paint sets, and ribbons.

We did a DIY version of this when our oldest was in preschool and it was a huge hit!

Mermaid Princess Valentine Card Bubble Wands 24 Pack

Package includes 24 cards, 24 bubble wands, and 24 glue dots. 

Features 4 popular princess characters and a bubble wand to attach to each card. 

JOYIN 28 Pcs Kids Valentines Day Stampers Set Filled Hearts

Valentine designed stampers are pre-filled into translucent plastic red heart shells with thick paper heart shape valentine’s cards.

Assorted stamp designs include different heart shapes, lovely bears, bees, dogs, roses and more. And festive heart shape valentine card fits the season of hearts! A perfect gift for classroom parties, activities and exchanges

Valentines Day Cards for Kids- 28 Set of Heart Shape Galaxy Slime Toys

Package includes 28 Valentine’s exchange cards and 28 heart shape galaxy slime in 7 different colors.

Each can of heart-shaped slime comes in a blend of three colors creating the galaxy effect!

Valentine’s Greeting Cards for Kids with Foam Airplanes

Comes with 28 Valentine Cards and Foam Airplanes plus clear bags to pack everything in! 7 Designs with Foam Airplanes and 4 Designs with Cards and Greetings!

This was our youngest’s choice this year and he and his siblings have been enjoying the extra planes so much!

Great For Elementary Age Kids

Valentines Day Cards for Kids – Valentine Glow Sticks Card

Package includes 36 cards, 36 glow sticks.

Cards feature four different Star Wars characters and glow stick light sabers to go along with them!

Our kids gave these out last year and it was a huge hit with their friends!

28 Packs Valentines Day Gift Cards with Gift Cute Kawaii Mochi Squishy Toy

Our Mini Mochi squishy toy includes 28 gift cards with 28 kawaii mochi squishy toy. Cards have 4 designs with cute mochi patterns, every card has a special punchline.

Animal mochi squishy toy have 7 cute animal designs. Dot glue is included in stable toys on the card.

28 Packs Valentines Day Cards for Kids with Stress Ball Set

Our Valentine’s Day Card Gift Set for kids includes 28 valentine’s day greeting cards and 28 stretchy balls in 4 colors!

All stress relief balls are made of high-quality material, bright color and very stretchy! We have a couple of these and we all love stretching them!

30 Packs Valentines Day Cards with Butter Slime

Our valentines day slime kit includes 30 valentine’s cards with 30 butter slimes.

This was what our oldest son chose this year and I know all his classmates will be excited to get slime!

Gift Cards with Gift Valentine Stampers

by Name

Valentine Gift Cards with Valentine Stampers includes 36 valentine’s day cards and 36 stampers in a variety of designs.

Awesome Finds for Older Kids

Valentines Day Cards with Bouquet Building Blocks

This Valentine’s gift set includes 24pcs of flower building block with 24pcs gift card header. Each around 4 pieces set, your kids can learn different flower by set up by themselves.

Valentines Cards with Fidget Spinner

Our Valentine’s Day Finger Spinner Set includes 28 Finger Spinner and 28 Valentine’s cards with cute, humorous messages that uniquely match the theme of the toys.

Finger Skateboard Toys Valentines Day Exchange Cards

There are 32 of each of these finger skateboards and Valentine’s Day cards in our set.

With four adorable colors to choose from, and each card has its own color to convey your warmest greetings. There are 32pcs finger skateboards random in different patterns.

Valentines Cards with Robot Fidget Spinner Toys for Kids Classroom

A 24 pack colorful Valentines greeting cards with robot fidget spinner toys will be a hit for valentine party favors on valentine’s day. Just hold the center of the spinner toys with one finger and spin with the other.

Valentine’s Day Card with Lip Balm 

This cute cat lip balm comes in cherry, orange, grape and honey. The kit comes with 48 Valentine’s Day cards and 1 paper ribbon to attach the lip balm to the card!

Fun Valentine Packing Ideas

Getting creative with Valentine’s packaging can turn any simple gift into something extraordinary. This year, my daughter chose clear bags filled with pink and gold basket filler, topped with her chosen squishes and a cute card, all tied off with a matching ribbon—a big hit among her classmates! Here are more fun packaging ideas:

Cello Bags with Confetti: Fill cello bags with colorful confetti and your valentine for a vibrant surprise any kids will love!

Customized Boxes: Small cardboard boxes can be decorated with stickers and filled with valentine’s gifts, perfect for older kids.

To Go Cups: Plastic cups with lids with themed party favors or craft supplies and a cute valentine’s card. We did this in preschool for my oldest and it was a huge hit!

Surprises for Beauty Lovers: Package bath bombs, lip oil, or hair accessories in a clear party favor bag on a bed of basket filler, tie off with a ribbon, and attach a cute valentines print out or have you kids make a tag! We also have done this as a birthday party favor and the girls loved it!

DIY Card and Envelopes: Decorated plain paper envelopes with a free printable or handmade valentines inside offer a personal touch that everyone will love!

With these creative packaging ideas, your valentine’s gifts are sure to stand out. Plus, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your kids, letting their imagination run wild. Remember, the perfect valentine isn’t about how much you spend but the thought and care put into it. So, have fun crafting and spreading love this Valentine’s Day!

Wrapping Things Up (Get it?)

Wrapping up our non-candy Valentine’s Day extravaganza, it’s clear that opting for creative valentines like small toys, vibrant card stock crafts, and bouncy balls is not just a great idea—it’s a fun way to ensure every kid feels included.

Whether you choose to DIY easy valentines with free printables or grab those adorable kits with everything from love bugs to Star Wars valentines, you’re setting the stage for a day of love that’s filled with more than just sugary sweets.

These unique gifts, from sports-themed to Lego valentines, promise a sugar-rush-free day packed with excitement. And for those looking for a laugh, why not go for funny glasses or clever lip balm messages? Remember, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift celebrates friendship and love in the most inclusive way. So, dive into these great options, and let’s keep this Valentine’s Day simple and fun! . For more fun ideas and easy DIYs, don’t forget to check out our affiliate links—each purchase helps us bring more great content your way!