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The Best Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Easter is approaching and its time to start put together the best fun Easter Basket ideas for my toddlers. I love making fun easter baskets for the kids. Putting together Easter baskets for the kids is hands-down one of my favorite jobs as a parent!

toddler sorting easter eggs in there easter baskets

Whether it’s the latest book that’ll have us snuggled up for story time or a quirky game that’ll turn our living room into a giggle-fest, it’s all about packing those baskets with bits of magic that match each of my kids’ wild and wonderful personalities.

And let’s be real, there’s nothing quite like watching their faces light up with joy as they dive into their baskets Easter morning. It’s the best kind of happy chaos!I understand the challenge of balancing the fun of Easter treats with the desire to limit candy, especially for the littlest members of the family.

Getting Creative

That’s where creativity comes into play, transforming the task into a delightful opportunity to curate a collection of gifts that are both enjoyable and practical. From the whimsical touch of the Easter bunny to the engaging fun of small toys, the goal is to assemble a basket brimming with surprises that spark joy and imagination without relying heavily on sugary sweets.

a white plate with paint and paintbrushes next to a white paper plate with

Incorporating items like vibrant sidewalk chalk, engaging egg shakers, and beloved storybooks not only enriches the Easter experience but also supports developmental milestones through play.

Practical gifts, such as adorable rain boots or a colorful water bottle, add an element of surprise and utility, making the Easter basket a treasure trove of discoveries. By selecting gifts that align with the themes of spring and renewal, such as a cuddly stuffed animal or an interactive craft kit, we can create a memorable and meaningful celebration of Easter.

And, to add that perfect finishing touch, our free printable Easter tags offer a personalized flair to each basket, making them even more special. This Easter, let’s embrace the joy of gifting thoughtfully and creatively, making it a festive season to remember for our little ones.

Our 15 Favorite Spring Books For Toddlers

Selecting the best spring board books for toddlers involves finding titles that are not only durable and easy to handle but also filled with engaging stories, vibrant illustrations, and themes that celebrate the essence of spring. Here are 15 of our favorite books that are perfect for introducing toddlers to the joys of Easter and spring:

Peek-a-Flap hop book in a list of The Best Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Peek-a-Flap Hop – Children’s Lift-a-Flap

by Jaye Garnett

A delightful interactive book inviting toddlers to explore the wonders of spring with flaps to lift and surprises to find. Our youngest has loved all the Peek-a-Flap books!

Happy Easter, Mouse! book in The Best Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Happy Easter, Mouse!

by Laura Numeroff

From the “If You Give…” series, Mouse explores Easter by finding colorful eggs, providing a fun way to learn colors. We love tis easter theme mouse story!


Construction site spring delight easter book cover

Construction Site: Spring Delight: An Easter Lift-the-Flap Book

by Sherri Duskey

This one was a huge hit! After we put this in our son’s Easter Basket he picked it as a bedtime story for weeks! Join the beloved construction vehicle characters as they uncover spring and Easter surprises under the flaps.

little blue truck's springtime book cover

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime: An Easter And Springtime Book For Kids

by Alice Shertle

This book is interactive which makes it an immediate hit with our daughter! Plus baby animals and flowers?! Let’s just say our copy is well loved. Little Blue Truck discovers baby animals and spring flowers in this beautifully illustrated story.

first spring by Eric Carl

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Spring

by Eric Carle

Follow the iconic caterpillar as he experiences the joys and colors of spring.This book is so sweet and a great inspiration for simple spring activities like going outside to look at cloud shapes!

Bluey Hooray it's Easter!

Bluey: Hooray, It’s Easter!: A Lift-the-Flap Book


Join Bluey and Bingo for an Easter adventure with fun flaps to lift. A great gift for any Bluey fans! I also love their 5-minute story collection!

Where do diggers hunt for easter eggs

Where Do Diggers Hunt for Easter Eggs?: A Diggers board book

by Brianna Caplan Sayr

Diggers and trucks go on an Easter egg hunt in this engaging story. If you have a little one who loves truck I can’t recommend this series enough!

We're Going on an Egg Hunt: A Lift-the-Flap Adventure

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt: A Lift-the-Flap Adventure

by Martha Mumford

This book is so much fun egg hunt with lift-the-flap surprises on every page!

The Classic Tale of Peter Rabbit A Lift the Flap Board Book

The Classic Tale of Peter Rabbit A Lift the Flap Board Book

by Beatrix Potter

I love the combination of the timeless Peter Rabbit with the engaging elements of touch and feel and lift the flap! Getting to experience the timeless tale of Peter Rabbit in a way that really engaged the kids was so nostalgic and I just loved this one so much!

Biscuit's Pet & Play Easter: A Touch & Feel Book

Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter: A Touch & Feel Book

by Alyssa Capucilli

Explore different textures and springtime fun with Biscuit the puppy! We have all holiday Biscuit books and they are a family favorite!

Plant & Grow (John Deere Lift-A-Flap Board Book)

Plant & Grow (John Deere Lift-A-Flap Board Book)

by Name

I gave this book to your youngest along with some little John Deere toys and he loved it! What can I say, I love a good themed basket!

Curious George Curious About Spring Tabbed Board Book

Curious George Curious About Spring Tabbed Board Book

by H.A Rey

It is spring and George is excited for the world to wake up after a long winter. And we were excited that this board book featured George illustrations in the original style! This one was a gift we gave our daughter along with a Curious George stuffed animal. As mentioned before I like a theme!

Happy Easter, Curious George: Gift Book with Egg-Decorating Stickers!

Happy Easter, Curious George: Gift Book with Egg-Decorating Stickers!

by H.A Rey

Celebrate Easter with a Curious George book that has the most beautiful spring illustrations and it comes with enjoy interactive egg-decorating stickers!

Spring In The Forest Deluxe Lift-a-Flap & Pop-Up Seasons Children's Board Book

Spring In The Forest Deluxe Lift-a-Flap & Pop-Up Seasons Children’s Board Book

by RP Anderson

Discover spring in the forest with elaborate lift-the-flaps and pop-up features. This book is so bright and colorful!

A Spring Surprise: A Peter Rabbit Tale

A Spring Surprise: A Peter Rabbit Tale

by Beatrix Potter

Peter Rabbit finds a surprising way to bring spring to the forest in this charming story. Give this with a peter rabbit stuffed animal for the perfect easter gift!

Each of these board books is carefully selected to bring the joy, colors, and excitement of spring and Easter to your toddler’s reading time. According to our kids these are the best spring books and we also enjoyed reading them to our kids making them perfect additions to any spring reading list.

The Best Craft Supplies for Easter Baskets

Craft supplies and kits can transform Easter into a fun-filled creative festivity for toddlers. If you have multiple kids or a class party to show for look for a party bundle you can split up! Here are some excellent craft supplies that would make Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers:

Washable Finger Paints

Washable Finger Paints

Safe for toddler use, allowing them to explore colors on paper or even directly with their hands. Don’t forget the art smock!

Crayons and Coloring Books

Palm Grip toddler crayons not only make coloring easier but they look like eggs making them perfect for Easter baskets! Themed with Easter or spring designs, they’re perfect for little artists. Or get a set with included color wonder markers if you want to avoid messes!

Easter Sticker Sheets

Featuring bunnies, eggs, and flowers for decorating cards or crafts. Perfect for A child’s easter basket. I especially love these ones that have the kids put faces on the different animals!

Play-Doh or Modeling Clay

I like to get the eggs in spring colors and use them in their baskets. I love the festive egg containers that are pre filled with not candy!

Easy Easter Egg Decorating Kits

Easy Easter Egg Decorating Kits

If you don’t want to use the messy dyes you need this kit! It spins the egg while your kids use the included markers! its so much fun!

Foam Craft Shapes

Foam Craft Shapes

Pre-Cut Foam Shapes are great easter egg filler for toddlers. My kids love these and are always excited to get more!

Pipe Cleaners, PomPoms, and more

Pipe Cleaners, PomPoms, and more

I like to get kids like this with all different fun supplies and put thing that fit inside the plastic eggs for my kids to find and store the rest for future crafts! These are prefect for creating fluffy bunnies or colorful Easter eggs.

Scissor Skills Books

Our youngest found these so fun and they helped him develop those pre school skills! We learned after having to teach our oldest to use scissors how much of a skill it actually is!

Bead Kits

I love the Melissa and Doug kits with large easy-to-thread beads for making necklaces or bracelets! We spent hours using these when our daughter was a toddler and now she has aged into the seed bead kits!

Watercolor Sets

by Name

We love water colors. It such a lower stakes mess for introducing the kids to painting! Water Colors and thick paper are always a great gift in our house!

Garden Kit

This kid includes small pots, soil, and seeds to start a spring garden. Plus paint to be able to decorate the pots!

Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow!

A refillable sticker stamper that makes it so toddlers can place their own stickers! And the stockers are easy to remove! Seriously though, these awesome kits come with a collectible sticker stamper that is preloaded with easy-to-remove stickers, an activity pad, and 300 refill stickers!

Incorporating these craft supplies into your toddler’s Easter basket encourages creativity, fine motor skills development, and the joy of making something on their own. Plus, they provide a wonderful opportunity for quality family time crafting together.

Toddler Toys Prefect for Easter baskets!

Adding toys to toddler Easter baskets makes the holiday even more exciting and memorable for the little ones. Here are some Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers featuring fantastic toy ideas that are perfect for filling those Easter baskets with hours of fun:

Bubble Wands

Bubbles are always a hit. I keep these stashed in our garage to pull out when friends come over or to add to things like Easter baskets. This year I got light up bubble wands at Lidl and I know they will be a huge hit!


Stuffed Animals

Do my kids need more stuffed animals? No! Do they always get super excited about hem? Definitely! A plush bunny, squishmallow chick, or lamb makes a cuddly companion and great easter gift!

Stick Puzzles

We have made our own and also own several of these mudpuppy ones! They are so great for younger kids!

Bath Toys

by Name

Things like the froogly constructions toys make bath time more fun! But I think my kids all time favorite is this activity center.

Sidewalk Chalk

We love sidewalk chalk and these egg ones are so cute for Easter! Perfect for creating art outside on the driveway or sidewalk.

Egg Shakers

Musical instruments shaped like eggs for a fun introduction to rhythm. Egg shakers get bonus points for being a much softer subtle sound than other kids instruments!

Sand Toys Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Sandbox Toys

This Melissa and Doug Baking set is a favorite of our kids especially when we combined it with the Hape ice cream set! They love making sand sundaes decorated with little shells.

Gardening Tools Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Gardening Tools for Kids

A small set including a shovel, rake, and watering can for helping in the garden. Plus is comes with a tote that can be the Easter Basket! All of our kids but especially our youngest love helping in the garden every spring so our kids gardening tools are well loved!

Toy Cars Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Toy Cars

Simple cars that are toddler safe make a great addition to your kids easter basket! Three-in-one sets are great for dividing between multiple kids!


Duplo Sets Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Duplo Sets

You can take a spring themed lego building set and split it up between multiple plastic eggs.

Arctic Animal Figures Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Animal Figurines

Small plastic animals to create their own mini zoo. These are especially great to combine with things like magnates for tons of open ended play! We love the Arctic collection and baby farm animals the most!

Jump ropes Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Jump Ropes

by Name

For toddlers, a short, lightweight rope can introduce them to jumping games.

For toddler easter baskets we like to avoid small size toys that would fit in plastic eggs. Instead we opt for seasonal themes and items with bright spring colors!

Non Candy Food Items For Toddler Easter Basket

If you aren’t ready to introduce your toddler to the giant chocolate rabbit we have you covered! For toddler Easter baskets, incorporating non-candy food items can be a delightful and healthier alternative. Here are some fun and toddler-friendly options that are sure to please without overloading them with sugar:

Fruit Snacks

Fruit Snacks

by Name

There are so many great natural or even organic options with less sugar!

Squeeze Pouches

Squeeze Pouches

Fruit or veggie purees in easy-to-use pouches for on-the-go snacking. The Peter Rabbit ones get bonus points for being very on brand for Easter!

Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes

Mini rice cakes in flavors like apple pie are a hit in our house! We normally do the plain ones so our kids thing the flavored ones are a huge treat.

Scout Bars

Scout Bars

So great for on the go and always appreciate brands with nut free options!

Granola Bars

Granola Bars

Choose soft, chewy options made for toddlers. We also love the blueberry ones from Trader Joes!


Bunny Crackers Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Bunny Crackers

by Annie’s

Bunny Grahams, gold fish crackers, or whatever small dry snacks your toddler loves make great egg filler! I promise my toddlers were super excited to open those little plastic eggs and find these!

Marshmallow Crispy Treats

Marshmallow Crispy Treats

These are a fun sweet treat that is allergy friendly! We always have the bars in or granola balls in the house.

Fruit Leather

Fruit Leather

Yoyo bears are my kids favorite! Our oldest who is currently 11 still loves them as a fun snack or addition to his lunch!

These non-candy food items not only add variety to your toddler’s Easter basket but also encourage healthy eating habits from a young age. Plus, they’re just as exciting to discover and enjoy!

Cute Easter Baskets

Love the classic wicker basket? Great! Not for you? No problem! You can get so many cute options in different sizes and colors! Some people love to invest in a personalized easter basket to pull out year after year. Or go for a non basket vessel that will be useful in the spring like rain boots or an umbrella! I once got our kids little baskets for the groceries in their play kitchen as their easter baskets!

Tips For Assembling an Easter Basket

Creating a cute Easter basket that delights and surprises requires a blend of creativity, personal touch, and a dash of whimsy. Here’s how to assemble the perfect Easter basket:

Choose the Right Basket:

Select a basket that fits the personality and age of the recipient. For toddlers, consider a colorful, durable basket that can withstand a bit of rough handling. Target usually has some great options in their dollar spot that work great for toting pool toys and sand toys after the holiday!

Classic Wicker Basket with Personalization Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Classic Wicker Basket with Personalization

If you want something you can use year after year these are so classic and elegant!

The Multi Pack Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

The Multi Pack

Perfect for matching sibling baskets this three pack comes in different color combos!

The Not Easter Specific Tote Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

The Not Easter Specific Tote

We got ones very similar to this last year when we were leaving for a Beach trip the next day! They have been great for the beach and pool!

Add a Soft Base:

Line the basket with a soft, festive material like easter grass, pastel-colored tissue paper, a fluffy Easter-themed towel, or even a small, cozy blanket. This not only looks inviting but also provides cushioning for the goodies.

Variety is Key:

Mix practical gifts with fun toys. Include items like books, puzzles, or educational toys that match the child’s interests. Sprinkle in a few fun options like bubble wands, sidewalk chalk, or plush animals.

Incorporate Themed Items:

Easter-themed gifts such as bunny ear headbands, egg decorating kits, or a Peter Rabbit stuffed toy add a seasonal touch that enhances the excitement.

Personalize It:

Include something personalized, whether it’s a monogrammed item, a book with their name in the story, or a toy that reflects a current interest or hobby.

Arrange with Height in Mind:

Place taller items in the back and smaller items in front. Ensure every item is visible at first glance for that wow factor when the basket is discovered.

Finishing Touches

Add some Easter grass for a festive look, and sprinkle a few chocolate eggs, marshmallow treats or even jelly beans around the items for a sweet surprise. Wrap the basket in clear cellophane and tie it with a beautiful ribbon for an added layer of excitement and anticipation.

By focusing on the joy of discovery and the beauty of spring, you can assemble an Easter basket that’s not only visually appealing but also full of items that will be cherished and enjoyed long after the holiday is over.

Assembling an Easter basket brimming with fun, creativity, and thoughtfulness is a great way to celebrate the season. Whether you’re crafting baskets for little kids or older ones, incorporating a mix of sweet treats, engaging toys, and useful items like school supplies or a fidget toy ensures every child finds something special to enjoy.

Do Not Forget to Include Some Practical Spring Items!

Including practical items in your toddler’s Easter basket is a wonderful way to blend fun with function. A brightly colored new toothbrush is a great way to make brushing more exciting, while a stylish pair of sunglasses or adorable sandals are perfect for sunny spring days ahead. And what better way to anticipate summer fun than with a new swimsuit?

These thoughtful additions not only serve a purpose but also bring joy and anticipation for the warmer months to come. It’s a clever way to gift necessities while keeping the spirit of Easter alive with items that children will be thrilled to use. I don’t know about you but my tiny humans get stoked over the simplest things! Enter Unicorn Sparkle toothpaste?!

Don’t forget, Easter morning becomes even more magical with the right mix of Easter basket fillers. From chocolate bunnies and marshmallow treats to activity kits and eco-friendly crafts. Explore lots of great Easter basket ideas for your little ones delivered right to your door. So, hop to it and craft those fun baskets that’ll make this Easter unforgettable for your little ones! Head over to Instagram to share your finished baskets and any fun easter basket ideas your family loved!

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